Fun-haver off-road

engineered in the crucible of competition

Fun-Haver Off-Road is about producing enthusiast products that have been engineered in the crucible of competition–so that you can get more off-road smiles per trail mile in your own vehicle.

Dreamed and developed by the Fun-Haver Off-Road Racing Team made up of 2-time King of the Hammers winner and 5-time Ultra4 Racing Champion Loren Healy, and 3-time Ultra4 Racing Champion, 2-time Formula Drift Champion and Professional Fun-Haver Vaughn Gittin Jr. Fun-Haver Off-Road brings the pedigree of competitive off-road parts to enthusiasts in a pure form inspired by the passion Loren and Vaughn have for the world of Off-Road FUN!

Fun-Haver Off-Road exists to inspire people to get out and enjoy the sights, the challenges, the community, the self growth and the FUN adventuring Off-Road has to offer. Fun-Haver Off-Road's Parts offerings are designed to set you up for success and another level of fun along the way!

Fun-Haver Off-Road

Our Team

Converging from distinctly different areas of motorsport, two champions create the new go-to equipment brand for passionate off-road enthusiasts.

Fun-Haver Off-Road TEAM:

Loren Healy

2x #KingOfTheHammers unlimited Champion; 2x #KingOfTheHammers stock class Champion, 5x #Ultra4Racing Champion; #FunHaver #Ultra4

Fun-Haver Off-Road Team:

Vaughn Gittin Jr.

3-time Ultra 4 Champion, 2x #KingOfTheHammers stock class Champion, 2-time Formula Drift Champion, and Professional Fun-Haver

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